The Architect Finds a Sense of Belonging to His Family’s Homeland

To Mr Degan, a 31-year-old architect, this dissonance was echoed in the loss of cultural identity he had since worked to restore, and that he hoped others would increasingly absorb by rebuilding the wounded city. In four years in Somalia, he has created a new style and perception through architecture of what the country is and can be like after decades of civil war and terrorism, mixing traditional themes with more modern ones such as sustainability. “I wanted the architecture to restore the sense of belonging that was destroyed in the war,” he said in a recent telephone interview. “I wanted people to take over the space and feel proud.

He Also Longed for That Feeling

I wanted to bring back that sense of Somaliism and show it through design and architecture. Mr. Degan was born in 1990. June In Turin, northwestern Vietnam Phone Number Italy, for parents who left Somalia a few years before the war. Growing up there, he says, he never felt completely addicted – stuck between his identity as a Somali rooted in a war-torn nation and a black Italian citizen in a country that did not accept him at all. At university,” he said, “it was even such a challenge when even the professors said, ‘Oh, you speak Italian very well,'” he said.

Community Center and

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 However, he enjoyed sketching, leading to a bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture from the. Polytechnic University of Turin, where he specialized in emergency architecture and post-conflict reconstruction. Although Somalia thought about it when he chose that focus, he said. He was also influenced by the desire to find meaning in life and learn skills. That he could use for the common good. Nevertheless, he said he did not consider taking his job to Somalia because of security concerns. In contrast, he worked in West Africa, Latin America and. Asia for several years before moving to London for an impending career break. There, he shared housing with a cousin who sought help building a community center and mosque home in Somalia.

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