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Each page must be initial by each of the partners and their signatures must appear on the last page. You have one month to register your articles of association after their signature, with the tax office of the SAS headquarters or your place of residence write and publish a legal announcement in a specialize newspaper , in order to inform of the birth of your SAS.  formal conditions (corporate name, legal form, capital, address, object, duration, name of the manager, name of the auditor, RCS with which the SAS will be register compile the SAS creation file Ask your CFE for the list of documents to send.

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A copy of the articles of association, the MO forms, the supporting documents concerning the local address, proof of the publication of the legal announcement, a copy of the president’s identity document or a declaration of non- conviction of the manager Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers List of the company submit the file to the CFE (business formalities center) in your department. He will take care of carrying out certain essential formalities for the creation of your company notify the CFE of the appointment of an auditor , if applicable. Does SAS status appeal to you? Do you feel able to overcome the disadvantages in order to take advantage of all the flexibility of this legal form? Get start and create your e-commerce site with PrestaShop For your referencing, do not hesitate to call on an agency specializing in the management of Google Ads campaigns.

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How Sephora Became Beauty Queen

With Installment Payment By Klarna. – July , Shop with Klarna Found in France in , Sephora is one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world. It currently has more than , stores in countries. What is the secret of its success? Its success is mainly due to DP Leads two factors First of all, Sephora strives to guarantee its customers the best shopping experience possible, whether in-store (where customers can directly try products from its wide range of cosmetics and get advice from its staff) or in online, where the focus is on communication with users via various platforms (web, social networks) through omnichannel integration. Second, Sephora has always sought to ensure that its extensive offering reaches all types of customer segments.

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