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On the one hand, we have the judicial route where the parties go with their lawyer to fight each other for their rights. The result will be a sentence or a regulatory agreement in case they mutually agree to the process. Second, there is the mediation process , where the spouses call a third party (the mediator) to come to the process and moderate the conversation and debate on the different points. The resolution of this agreement also has res judicata effects, so it will have the same legal effects as the judicial process. The best thing about this process is that it is faster and.

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Usually involves less expense; as well as making it easier for the parties to communicate and narrate their own stories. This process is perfectly voluntary and the parties do not waive their right to attend the judicial process. Therefore, the use Cambodia Phone Number List of mediation in divorce is completely voluntary; and its objective is to establish the terms of their divorce by mutual agreement, with the help of a mediator and without the need to go to a contentious trial where the judge would make the final decisions. If the mediation is successful and the members of the couple reach an agreement, the mediator will draw up a document that reflects it ( draft regulatory agreement or family relations agreement.

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It will then be attache to the petition for divorce by mutual agreement that a family lawyer files in court. If the judge approves it, a sentence will be issue including the aforementione agreement and it will have the same validity as if it had been issue by the same after a contentious process. Conclusions on the legal issues to consider before a divorce As we have seen throughout this article, a divorce is a difficult process to face because there are many aspects and issues that we must negotiate and deal with. For that reason, it is advisable that you have good faith in the process and; never act negligently or maliciously to ruin his former partner.

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