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The content ‘lives’ in different resources and channels. Moreover, they are often manage by different employees and departments. As a result, it takes a lot of effort to keep this in sync. This results in additional questions and burdens Norway WhatsApp Number List for other channels. The digital management and distribution of information, therefore, provide.

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Timing of Education Patients often does not receive the right information at the right time. And the patient often overload with too much information. At once (usually verbally – during the conversation with the medical professional. As a result of which this information does not or hardly stick. The risk here is that the patient will miss information that is so important to him (for example, instructions to prepare for an examination or treatment).

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This information is often hidden among other general information and is usually. Only given orally and not supported in writing. With one digital source and good metadata, more priority. Attention given by offering the right content at the right time. 4. Right to clear information Finally.

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