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Your obligation is not only with the company, but also to attend to customers and users to whom you must inform about any doubts they have about the processing of data by this company. Who has to appoint a data protection officer for their business? Who has to appoint a data protection officer for their business? Tips and resources when looking for a job How to look for work? Destruction of documents: How and why to comply with the LOPD? Destruction of documents.

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How and why to comply with the LOPD? The DPO in Public Administration Public administrations must also have a person responsible for processing the data in their files. However, in the public sector it is still not as well define as in the private Kazakhstan Phone Number List sector. Although it seems contradictory, the certification that prepares the AEPD is only aime at the private sector; since the State is more concerne that companies do not violate the private data of users than the Public Administration itself. If you want to dedicate yourself to DPD of public administrations, logically in addition to the regulations on Data Protection and the technology sector; You must know the administrative legislation and its special procedures.

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The truth is that we currently do not know how the DPO of the Public Administration will be articulate. Logically, this position will normally be accesse by opposition, although you can also be hire as a staff. Or it may even be the case of hiring an external DPO. Remember that if you have questions about the Data Protection Law and you need advice for your business, contact us and we will help you solve all your problems. To live legally in Spain , all foreigners must join a series of procedures . Regardless of whether it is for studies, work or testing new frontiers, Spanish legislation establishes a series of processes that give each citizen a legitimate figure in society.

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