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Companies that are dedicate to this type of treatment must make a personalize budget for that type of business according to business circumstances. On the other hand, if you decide to hire an internal DPO whose only occupation is that, you would have to pay him a salary. And if this DPD is a worker who already has other occupations, the remuneration for his appointment must be higher. Is the Data Protection Officer (DPD) an advocate for the client or citizen No.

On The Type Of Data You Handle

The DPD is only an employment figure to which the holders of the personal data can go to raise any question relate to the processing of their data; as well as exercise their rights, claim or request compensation. However, in case of Tunisia Phone Number List conflict, you must report the company. The defense of rights in this matter is carrie out by lawyers, which is precisely the group that has the function of defending citizens in any of their violate rights or legal interests. I hope that this extensive article has clarifie for you what a Data Protection Officer is and makes it clearer when to appoint a DPO for your business or company. Do not forget that as a legal advisor we are happy to advise you on any matter , including the Data Protection Law.

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It Is Recommend To Do So On Certain

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