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Headway Capital helps you on your way with the infographic below. Have you found out that your tools use electronic communications providers that are Jamaica WhatsApp Number List, not GDPR compliant, but are you still using them? Then you are in violation of the GDPR/AVG. The ruling is immediately applicable, which means that the Dutch Data Protection.

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De Bruyne of DDMA indicates that this means that as an organization you run the risk of a fine of up to 20 million euros or 4% of the worldwide turnover, as described in the GDPR (with the exception of nuances. What will happen if I continue with my current software solutions? It is therefore very important not to wait too long before taking action.

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For legitimate reasons in the short term? Then it is important to communicate clearly and transparently to those involved and to set up a step-by-step plan to become compliant. If the supervisor asks questions, you can at least demonstrate that you are working on it. At Flowmailer we previously published an infographic about the end of Privacy Shield.

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