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To achieve this goal, be sure to choose a quality paper for your flyers Although the cost is higher, it is essential to invest in an excellent product. Otherwise, customers will have the feeling that you lack means or that you are stingy! exploit the envelope support If you choose the mailing print, be inventive by moving away from the traditional white envelope. In a whole order of ideas, you can also opt for a postcard with a Flash Code distribute the flyers in the places where your target is moving determine your visual identity All your battery of paper supports must be designed by respecting a graphic charter that you will have determined from the creation of your brand.

Colors fonts and logo must be identical

In order to bring consistency to your campaign combine digital and print If digital is not enough on its own to develop your notoriety, neither is paper. Opposing these two channels is therefore sterile. The ideal is then to combine the two types of Australia Mobile Number List strategies in the creation of a cross-channel campaign. With the media mix, the results should be there, provided, of course, that you carry out the right targeting. How to measure the impact of your print communication? While the performance of digital communication is now easily quantifiable thanks to the many analysis tools available on the market, it is more difficult to do the same with paper.

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It is indeed impossible to count the number of clicks

To analyze the bounce or conversion rate. How to DP Leads know if your paper support is at the origin of a purchase on your e-commerce site? Some techniques exist purchase coupons promotional codes QR codes. If you choose to use these tips, then you are considering your advertising campaign in a conversion logic. Your print will no longer only have an informational vocation, but will indeed aim to convince the consumer to take action . Create your prints with PrestaShop modules! No need to go through a specialist. With the Product Designer Studio module , you can create your cards and flyers.  create your product catalogs and personalize them. Paper communication is not dead.

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