Thanks To A Very Marked Improvement In Its Order Tunnel

Haven’t migrate yet Beyond the performance gains that PrestaShop . will bring to your store, this version is capable of managing significant increases in traffic and supporting a multitude of products simultaneously. It is the same for the integration of Google SiteMap and the creation of a button to add to the basket from a CMS, a Blog, Facebook, YouTube or an emailing. SEO is indeed one of the major assets of this latest version of PrestaShop. A multitude of new modules Who says new version, says new modules. And this version . of PrestaShop keeps its promises.

Rather interesting when we know

That e-commerce is currently experiencing exceptional growth. Whatever version of PrestaShop your online store is running on, switching to PrestaShop . will bring a multitude of essential advantages today. Improve performance and security The first and Belgium Phone Number List most classic reason is of course the end of support for version . since the end of June . Even if it is stable, no more improvements or corrections will be made, so it is important to switch to a platform scalable. Furthermore, PrestaShop . is base on the latest version of PHP and therefore benefits from corrections to language security flaws. On the performance side, the redesign of the themes, now fully compatible with Google, and the switch to PHP . which is much faster , will allow your site to gain in lightness and therefore in speed.

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Increase your sales The major challenge

Of an e-commerce site is to sell PrestaShop . increases its conversion rate by to %. Indee, the latter has gained enormously in fluidity and efficiency, in particular by having significantly improve its OPC (OnePageCheckout). The addition of new DP Leads modules facilitating the act of purchase greatly contributes to the increase in sales of e-commerce sites under PrestaShop. Before selling, do you still have to generate traffic on your site? Here again, version . of PrestaShop fulfille its objective preview of titles and descriptions in Google display thanks to Meta tags, optimization of URLs of decline products, optimization of CMS pages by category, redirection of deactivate products to the the category of the product. so many examples which show the extent of the improvements in terms of referencing.

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