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but refers to the gross profit of the circulation link. Major fields such as steel and coal are trillion-dollar markets, but the gross profit is low, and. Also, South Korea Phone Number the gross profit. Also, of the entire chain is only a few points. Similar to fabrics, auto parts and other fields, although the industry is in the hundreds of billions, the gross profit rate South Korea Phone Number of the circulation link is higher. We generally prefer to look at an industry with a gross profit of more than 100 billion in circulation. In addition, there are factors in the industry that are driving changes in the industry, and there are more forces of change that will drive the company to develop faster.

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Similar to looking for oil, the opportunity for its establishment. Lies in the market-oriented reform of the oil industry. Then a core point of South Korea Phone Number industry characteristics is, what products are sold? The goods of any industry are the core of the transaction relationship. Also, and all sales, services, and operations. Also, revolve around the products. Therefore, the characteristics of the SKU, that is, the characteristics of the product. Are very important, and the industries with the same characteristics are relatively more replicable. We define SKUs from several dimensions: magnitude, standardization, unit price, concentration, branding, price fluctuation, demand change, replacement, and so on.

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South Korea Phone Number List
South Korea Phone Number List

For example, in two industries with the same. Also, low level of SKU standardization, it is very difficult to scale self-operation. A SKU that cannot South Korea Phone Number be described in several dimensions, or different definitions of SKUs in. Also, different places will cause great difficulties in platform dataization. Another example . Also, that the number of SKUs is too large and the concentration is scattered, which will. Also, require a very high operation and management capability of the platform. At this time, the platform will operate more like a comprehensive supply chain company, and if the SKUs are relatively concentrated, the company will have the attributes of a trader. , the typical of the former is Meicai, and the typical of the latter is to find oil. Also, what services do you sell?

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