Talk About the “Pits” We Tunisia Cell Phone Number Have Stepped

Speaking of product managers, they can always be associate with the words “back the pot” and “step on the pit”. Digging out user needs, you may accidentally encounter pseudo-demands; the delaye release of the version, and going around may be the “pot” of the product manager… In short, the product manager is a god-like person Tunisia Cell Phone Number who takes the blame. In fact, when it comes to stepping on the pit, I believe that no Tunisia Cell Phone Number matter what position you are in. You can talk endlessly. Those who are always envie Tunisia Cell Phone Number in the workplace for their rapid growth, maybe they are the little partners who really conscientiously summarize after stepping on the pit. Every time I steppe on the pit. I was full of bitter tears. After stepping on it. I recalle it carefully and gaine a lot. On June 11th (Sunday).

Speaking Tunisia Cell Phone Number of Product Managers.

The open class of Qidian Academy invite Zimo, COO of the hotel, Nada, the head of Ping++ solutions, and Yang Xiaoping, the author of “Advance Practice of Internet Product Managers”. To chat with everyone about their Tunisia Cell Phone Number steps on the product road. Those “pits” that have been passe. As soon as the staff arrange the scene. Some friends came to the venue early to sign in! In the process of listening to the Tunisia Cell Phone Number sharing, the friends are also taking notes carefully. Begin to formally share content, full Tunisia Cell Phone Number of dry goods. Zimo: How to build an efficient product development team Zimo, currently working as COO of the hotel brother network. Has 13 years of experience in Internet products.

The Open Class Tunisia Cell Phone Number of Qidian.

Tunisia Cell Phone Number
Tunisia Cell Phone Number

He pointe out the pitfalls commonly encountere by entrepreneurial teams at the opening: “A group of idiots, in the state of taking one step at a time, went through a bloate process to make a product that is not recognize by the market Tunisia Cell Phone Number and of poor quality. There are a lot of problems, but no one wants to fix them, and if they fix a bunch of problems, they will get a raise at the end of the year because of their low wages.” How  Tunisia Cell Phone Number to avoid stepping on the pit, he share 5 tips: 1. Talent 3 to 7 30% of talents must be smart and understand business, and the remaining 70% are intereste in business and Tunisia Cell Phone Number focus on execution. 2. The three-level goal is clear The product manager is the core, and needs to communicate upwards (leader), research downwards (users), and connect in the middle (colleagues) at the same time?

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