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In the first place, With the rapid development of the Internet today, what you need to do is: keep your head down, analyze. Communicate with each other, and think often. Spent some time on Sunday. Sorting out the previous stuff. What article Honduras Cell Phone Number did you write. The article is mainly divide into two parts: the first part is the analysis of the online education industry; the second part summarizes how to quickly understand anHonduras Cell Phone Number  industry. first part Introduction: Chat with a friend. Chat and chat. Suddenly again we talke about the Honduras Cell Phone Number online education industry. He aske, “What do you think of the online education industry?” I didn’t know much about online education before. So I didn’t dare to make any comments.

With the Honduras Cell Phone Number Rapid .

However, I first forme a problem decomposition structure in my mind:Architectural premise: If I make an online education product. How do I see this industry? Ok, after I have the outline of this premise. I will go to find the corresponding Honduras Cell Phone Number information. The overall line of thought remains unchanged. Step by step, to analyze layer by layer. 1. How big is this market? The online education industry can be divide Honduras Cell Phone Number into several stages: preschool education, primary and secondary education. And higher also education online education. For the entire market, according to industry data, China’s online Honduras Cell Phone Number education in 2014 was 99.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 18.9%. It is expecte to excee 100 billion yuan in 2015. Reaching 119.17 billion yuan.

I First Forme Honduras Cell Phone Number a Problem Decomposition.

Honduras Cell Phone Number
Honduras Cell Phone Number

As soon as, In the next few years, online education users will grow at a rate of nearly 20%. It is expecte to reach 132.211 million by 2018. preschool education In 2014, the number of users of preschool online education was 501,000. It is expected to grow at a rate of about 25% in the next few years. Reaching 1.331 million in 2018. primary and moreover  secondary education In 2014, the number of users of online education in primary and secondary then schools in China was 13.47 million, and it is expected to maintain a growth rate of more than 30% in the next few years, reaching 41.747 million in 2018Higher education online education In 2014. The scale of China’s higher education online education market reache 60.19 billion yuan. It is expecte that the growth rate will slow down in the next few years.

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