Such a Platform Represents How Much Work Time

it requires work at the design level, the animation of the community of experts, the administration of the site but also in terms of internal communication so that the project is well understood and that people are appropriate. We’ve been working on the project for 6 months now. The platform took shape over time. It was from July/August that the project really took shape, notably with the choice of service providers. Social networks are great because they allow quick and interactive exchanges. But we consider that they are part of the private sphere, and we do not want to interfere in this sphere, especially for recruitment. We have created an independent platform because we believe it allows for a clearer professional approach.

Why Did You Choose to Develop

we are aware that practices are changing, particularly in terms of recruitment, and Vietnam Phone Number this platform is a first step towards more interactivity and transparency. This therefore follows the same logic and makes it possible to meet the same needs. today we don’t want to be present on private social networks for our recruitment. BNP-Paribas is very present but at other levels. As for our recruitment teams, we have decided not to go on private social networks but to confine ourselves to professional social networks. Our strategy is to offer a form of interactivity on our platform precisely .

Are There New Features Planned for

Vietnam Phone Number List
Vietnam Phone Number List

we have a lot of expectations. The do not yet know how the candidates will appropriate this tool. We hope to have many relevant questions that will allow Internet users to better prepare and achieve their professional goals. The first few weeks will tell us more. Our objective is more qualitative than quantitative. He want to answer the questions of Internet users as well as possible. We did not think of volume as an objective because we are in a close relationship. We prefer to have 5 questions a day to which we will provide relevant answers and which will really help. The candidates than to have 200 which bring nothing.

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