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Yesterday in New Orleans was held the 47th edition of the Super Bowl between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Behind the sporting stakes of the biggest American show of the year, there is also an intense match between advertisers. The biggest brands are doubling their ingenuity for the occasion. To take advantage of the visibility offered by this great media show, advertisers must pay 4 million dollars for 30 seconds of visibility. The 2013 Super Bowl was also a resolutely social and connected event with more than on which the brands were able to surf: half of the advertisements included a Hashtag to make their Twitter community react.

The 3 Most Mentioned Advertisements on Social

Of the 24 million tweets exchanged on the Super Bowl, many messages commented Canada Phone Number List on the advertisements broadcast. provides a ranking of which ads received the most social media comments and mentions during the game. Food brands enjoy strong sympathy capital on social networks. M&M’S proves it once again with a 30-second spot that has been talked about a lot on the web. The humor of advertising and the offbeat tone are certainly not unrelated to the success of his campaign. A campaign centered around “bravery” and traditional American values ​​(prom, powerful car) could only find a favorable echo with the public.

Oreo, the Best Super Bowl Viral Ad

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Canada Phone Number List

The 2013 Super Bowl will be remembered for the result of the game but also for. The power outage that occurred at the start of the third quarter. A breakdown that obviously did not go unnoticed. The Community Manager of the Oreo brand illustrated himself. By posting an image of the famous cookie with this caption: “Power Out? No problem you can still dunk in the dark”. The photo posted just minutes after the cut quickly went viral and was retweete nearly 14,000 times. The responsiveness of the brand particularly appealed to Internet users.

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