Social Tv Choose the End of a Series by Voting on Twitter

In 2012, Social TV is a concept that has caused a lot of talk, materializing with several initiatives by television channels. As Clémence Mermoz, community manager at Canal+, reminded us in, television has always been social. However, the Internet has individualized the practice of television through second screens (smartphones, laptops, tablets) and televisions have become increasingly connected. For many years viewers have been using Twitter not to the channel, but to other viewers. “Live tweets” thus allow an entire audience to react live to the television program and thus group it together using a simple hashtag.

The Cbs Channel Has Therefore Decided

The potential is substantial, many organizations are now responsible for Hong Kong Phone Number List measuring these online audiences (cf. and some applications exist, adding gamification to this practice (GetGlue, Viggle). But it is rare that online social interactions have a direct effect on program content, apart from some live talk shows. The series in particular bring together a loyal audience each week committed to the script and the characters. The CBS channel has therefore decided to take it to the next level by asking viewers. To vote during the broadcast of an episode to decide its outcome. The series, Hawaii Five-0 (Hawaii State Police remake) will air an episode on January 14 in which the team investigates the murder of a college professor.

The Initiative Is Interesting, Especially for

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Three suspects have already been identified: his boss, his assistant and a student. Viewers will then be asked to vote on the CBS site or on.Twitter live, using a specific hashtag, to decide. Which of the three will be the culprit. The channel will therefore adapt the episode according to the choice of the public. All three endings will later be available on the CBS website. The initiative is interesting, especially for a series of fiction. However, it remains punctual, the series being procedural, with one plot per episode. To see if this kind of thing could apply for series with stories developed over several seasons. When we know the difficulty of the task for the writers and the few failures. That may have occurred (randomly Lost or Prison Break),

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