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Gamification has always been an important issue in the Internet industry. Everyone adds game elements to Internet products, but if you start socializing from games, it may cause a bloody storm. “Honor of Kings” was recently Argentina Cell Phone Number criticize by the media for not “entertaining the public” but “framing” life. Perhaps what didn’t realize is that there will only be more and more games like “Honor of Kings” in the future. “Honor of Kings” currently has nearly 100 million active users, far exceeding the number of basketball. Football Argentina Cell Phone Number and other sports in China, and has become a mainstream entertainment method. But more importantly. “Honor of Kings” marks the arrival of a new era. Where  Argentina Cell Phone Number social networks are dying and games are on the rise.

Gamification Argentina Cell Phone Number Has Always .

The past generation once regarde the game as a beast of a flood. Jack Ma once said in 2008, “I don’t play games if I starve to death”, and also suggeste to the country, “If children play games. What will the country do in the future?”. There are rumors that Jack Ma, who boycotte games, saw his old father also start playing games Argentina Cell Phone Number one day. The lonely old man found fun in games. Jack Ma also change his views on games at that moment. Later, Alibaba also starte making games. Legends are legends. But more Argentina Cell Phone Number importantly, times have change, and games have become one of the most important forms of entertainment for aborigines in the digital age. In this historic movement of human social life migrating Argentina Cell Phone Number from the physical world to the virtual world. “Games” are becoming a new force after text.

The Past Argentina Cell Phone Number Generation Once.

Argentina Cell Phone Number
Argentina Cell Phone Number

The 100 million active users of “Honor of Kings” have given us a clear signal: the game is no longer a niche entertainment demand, and has now reache an inflection point of differentiation, becoming one of the most important components of popular popular culture. Don’t you see. Now the class division in elementary school has Argentina Cell Phone Number been divide into the “King of Glory” faction and the “Battle of the Balls” faction. Thanks to the increasingly diverse cultural life in the Internet age. The books, comics and cartoons that every child reads are Argentina Cell Phone Number increasingly diversifie. And the common topics have been replace by games. The post-95s grew up playing games, and they don’t have the slightest rejection of games. Post-95s play games.

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