Tools for Simple Employer Brand Monitoring

Free, Google Reader is widely used! It contains the classic functions of an RSS feed reader. You can aggregate your feeds there by classifying them into different themes, and also obtain some statistics on the frequency of updates of the sites you have added. Quite useful, to be able to review its sources from time to time by deleting the inactive ones. Until very recently, it was possible to easily share your watch with other people, but this functionality having been removed, you will have to turn to other tools. A bookmarklet to drag into the taskbar of your browser allows you to add new sources to your Reader in one click.

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Benefiting from functionalities more or less identical to the previous one, Netvibes differs Nigeria Phone Number in the presentation of the streams. Here, it is rather a logic of tables: your different sources are presented in the form of small widgets, classifiable by category in different pages. Very customizable, Netvibes offers a very pleasant visual rendering, and allows sharing with collaborators. It’s also free, with paid advanced features you shouldn’t need to set up a simple watch. Netvibes, like Google Reader, requires you to create a user account beforehand. If you prefer to read your feeds with an extension for your browser, you can turn to Sage for Firefox. It is a very lightweight RSS feed reader that you can open at any time without leaving the page you are on.

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It will therefore be useful to check quickly and without wasting time if your sources have been updated! Sage is only available in Firefox, but equivalents exist for Chrome, such as. The base ! A free tool, very simple, but almost essential for your watch on your brand. The principle: you receive an email as often as. You wish (immediately, once a day, once a week as soon as. New content relating to your research is published on the web. You can choose to keep only a certain type of support: web, forum, blogs, videos, news or books; or else keep everything – it is advisable. You will therefore receive a summary of the news at the frequency you have chosen. Very practical, to be alerted as soon as we talk about your company.

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