Should Issue The Press Release Or Not?

Immediately reveal the topic of the release. If it’s a product launch it should come out immediately. Or if it’s an invitation to an event. Otherwise, it may go unnoticed or be ignored. It is important that the text is distributed in a reusable format . This is especially essential for online media. Additional information, whether biographical, background information … not only allows for a deeper understanding of the message, but also allows journalists to have new perspectives, to get to know the company/brand better and, eventually, to produce longer articles.

Every day journalists receive dozens (in some cases hundreds) of press releases in their inboxes. The objective is to be able to highlight “our” from all the others and lead to its reading. What is achieved by following these simple “rules”. And your company? How do you communicate with journalists? It is common knowledge that the Press Office plays an important role in the notoriety, credibility and image of a company in its market. We also all know the importance of Digital Marketing for the company to be found online by the target and for it to evolve from a visitor on the website to a lead, customer and finally a fan.

The Preparation And Distribution

Ensure the interest of journalists. But, as the objective is to go further – to get the publication – it is necessary to add some more components, extremely important for the daily life of media professionals. This is the case of sending (at least one) images . With good resolution but not overly VP Maintenance Email Lists heavy. Nothing “bores” a journalist more than wasting time asking for images. Which can arrive at an already outdated timing. In other words, too late. Numbers. Journalists love numbers . These not only give credibility to the statement but can be approached from various perspectives, which gives the journalist some freedom and allows the message to be adapted to different media. The subject (or subject) must be direct and clear .

As the results are much higher if the actions are integrated, how about extracting even more value from the Press Office, combining it with the potential of Digital Marketing? We share 5 simple ways to maximize synergies. Place the press release on the website: After submitting the press release (first make sure it is newsworthy !), place it on your website with associated keywords and optimized to be easily found in search engines . Include an image, also optimized (for example through a text-related filename and not generic like “image-1”, and filling in the “alt-alternative text” with what the image represents), and allow the direct sharing on social networks.

The Answers To These Questions

Depending on the relevance of the theme, we also suggest creating a banner on the homepage with a call-to-action. Use links in the press release. Whenever possible, place links to more information on the topics covered. In the words themselves to be easily understood by search engines. As associated with the company in question – and not in generic words such as “learn more. In addition to allowing the journalist to obtain additional data, it generates more traffic to the website and increases potential interest in other areas. Reinvent the press release: Instead of working the press release only with journalists, leverage it in various inbound marketing initiatives .

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