Short Videos Are Oman Cell Phone Number Difficult

In the Internet era, advertisements that give users the right to choose will become more and more popular. And force cramming advertisements may only exist in special spaces such as elevators. Core point: Short videos are Oman Cell Phone Number very popular, but everyone is still exploring how to monetize them. The key reason is that Oman Cell Phone Number short videos are difficult to force-insert advertisements like traditional videos. So, will “rewarde video ads” be the answer? In 2017, BAT finally gathere in the short video market: Alibaba Oman Cell Phone Number Entertainment’s Tudou transforme.  Into short videos and establishe a 2 billion big fish bonus to support short videos.

On the Other Oman Cell Phone Number Hand.

Toutiao, and Meipai who have been betting on short videos before, this track can be said to be very crowde. The explosion of short videos has become inevitable. However, the video industry has been struggling for more than Oman Cell Phone Number ten years and is still pursuing profitability. The short video industry seems to be following the old road of the video industry. The short video industry encounters difficulties Oman Cell Phone Number in monetization The key to making it difficult for video sites to make money is that the cost Oman Cell Phone Number of bandwidth and content remains high. When advertisers have not fully shifte from traditional media to online video. The revenue brought by video advertising cannot cover the cost. This problem is also encountere in the short video industry .

Toutiao,  Oman Cell Phone Number and Meipai.

Oman Cell Phone Number
Oman Cell Phone Number

Have not release short video revenue data. The commercialization of the technology is considere to be well done. In May last year, the sales department was establishe. The advertising sold 100 million yuan in half a year, and the Oman Cell Phone Number cost could not be covere. The commercialization challenges of short videos are no less than that of long videos. Mobile video, whether it is live broadcast or short video. Has the characteristics Oman Cell Phone Number of fragmente consumption. Therefore, it is difficult to adopt a business model base on patch advertisements like long videos, and it is also much more difficult to Oman Cell Phone Number place advertisements. The bounce rate of short videos and live broadcasts is much higher than that of long videos. And users are likely to quit if they are force to play an ad. Therefore. Traditional advertising is ineffective for short videos.

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