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In the first place, Content and technology were originally two parallel spaces without much contact and collision. But now the development of Digital (digital technology) and Data (data technology) is accelerating the integration. Of the two According to Colombia mobile number the data. In the “Mobile Internet 2017 Spring Report” release by  Colombia mobile number QuestMobile. Including online video. Webcast, short video and other industries. The total monthly mobile video Colombia mobile number users exceede 1 billion for the first time. A year-on-year increase of 36.5%. The creation and consumption of short videos has undoubtedly become a huge outlet. Various platforms are also making continuous efforts.

Content and Colombia mobile number Technology.

In March 2017, Tencent announce a US$350 million investment in Kuaishou; in the same month, Ali announce that “Tudou” would fully turn to the short video industry. Then Toutiao also investe 1 billion in Volcano Video to Colombia mobile number subsidize the creators of the UGC platform. The competition for short video creators is heating up. The competition between short video platforms is becoming more and more fierce. What kind Colombia mobile number of platform has the future? Short videos are hot. But sustainability is the key At present. There are at least 3,000 original short video production companies in China. Including big teams such Colombia mobile number as Yiyi. Ergeng. Papi Jiang and Chen Xiang. The update frequency of this kind of team that actually produces original content is generally not too high.

In March Colombia mobile number 2017, Tencent.

Colombia mobile number
Colombia mobile number

Shooting a video of eating, sleeping and spoofing, as long as there are people watching. As long as you are “popular” and “red”. You can make money. This is the first impression of many people who eat melons on the short video industry. But the reality is far from that. Simple. At present, the basic method of short video Colombia mobile number monetization is still primitive. Which is basically platform sharing and commercial advertising. But today, when machine algorithms are increasingly mainstream. Whether it is traffic or share. Most of them Colombia mobile number are either divide by spam content. Or by a very small number of header content. In addition to the original video content team. There are still tens of thousands of scissorhands accounts Colombia mobile number that have been combine with various videos.

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