Services to Know the Address Behind a Shortened Link

They are now part of our daily life on the Internet, especially on Twitter: the shortened links allow us to considerably reduce the size of a tweet containing an address. Today there are many web services to shorten a . These sites generally offer options for customizing the shortened links and obtaining statistics. Fortunately, services also exist to decrypt shortened links. We’ve selected five sites and extensions that let you know what’s behind a shortened link in seconds. Reduced addresses can cause some problems, however, because the destination page is not known until the link is clicked. Thus, services that offer address shortening can allow malicious people to spread viruses and other malicious software.

Decryptlinks a Web Service and Chrome Extension

With nearly 50,000 decrypted links, Decryptlinks is a reference. It lets you know what a Indonesia Phone Number List shortened link is hiding very easily. One of the advantages of the service is that it adapts to the user: you can use the module present on the site or prefer to install an extension for Google Chrome. Webmasters can also embed a widget within their websites. In total, this service allows to decode shortened links by more than 80 shorteners. Long URL Please does not offer to know what hides a shortened link via its website: the service takes the form of an . Just install it so that the shortened addresses encountered are automatically transformed by the real link. A practical service, which does not require you to go to an external site for each check.

The Site Makes It Possible to Check

Indonesia Phone Number List
Indonesia Phone Number List

Services that offer to reveal the real address hidden behind the shortened links have one merit: their names leave no room for doubt as to their role. KnowURL therefore makes it possible to know the hidden URLs, but that’s not all: the site makes it possible to check, via a diagnostic tool offered by Google, the risks taken by an Internet user who visits the site. Thus, you will know if the site is considered suspicious by the search engine, and if the latter hosts malware. KnowURL also offers a deliberately minimalist mobile site.

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