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Efficiency (LTV/CAC) We will continue to build on the case of the telecom organization. The sales department is now wildly enthusiastic about the telecom shop as a channel. The ARPU of the customers from this channel is by far the highest and the Venezuela WhatsApp Number List churn is only 8%. However, an observant finance employee is not yet convince and continues.

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Example of how to put different metrics side by side – part 2. His calculation of the LTV (lifetime value) confirms the picture of sales: customers. Who are connect by the telecom shop deliver by far the highest LTV. However, the rosy picture is somewhat nuanced when the CAC (customer acquisition cost) is involved.

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Services Highlight the telecom shop

The finance department looks at the efficiency of the channels with the following formula: Efficiency  LTV / CAC The higher this number, the more efficient the use of the acquisition euro (channel). According to finance, the conclusion is that its own webshop scores best overall, despite the fact that the churn percentage and the ARPU are less good than those of the telecom shop.

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