Service Quality Is Still the Key to Survival

In addition, in recent years, there have been frequent reports of negative news. About the strong buying and selling of group tours, which has caused the travel. Ticketing market to be cloudy and its reputation has declined. Therefore, in order to avoid a single ticket economy UK Phone Number becoming. A bottleneck in the development of scenic spots, tourist attractions must. Try to develop ways of survival from multiple dimensions. First, reduce or eliminate ticket fees in order to gain greater tourist traffic. Earlier, there was a precedent that the actual benefits of Hangzhou West Lake after canceling tickets were more than charging ticket fees. The large increase in tourists has brought various consumptions such as catering, shopping. And accommodation to the surrounding West Lake. It  seen that “small profits but quick turnover.” Marketing methods are equally effective for some scenic spots.

It Is This Single Income Model That Makes

However, judging from the current situation of the tourism market. Many scenic spots have begun to implement the ticket-free method of scenic spots. And use UK Phone Number derivatives of other scenic spots to obtain economic sources. However, free admission means. That the increase in the number of tourists in the scenic spot will easily cause a lot of management pressure to the scenic spot, so this method is not unsuitable for all scenic spots. Second, build a variety of ticket sales channels. When the era of global tourism arrives, many scenic spots have begun. To increase traffic entry from online layouts, build scenic websites and develop APPs, and establish official WeChat accounts to attract traffic to scenic spots, creating various ways to sell tickets.

These Scenic Spots Prone to Fall


However, even if the self-operated scenic spot has established a multi-dimensional ticket sales service. It realize the dream once and for all, and the UK Phone Number phenomenon. Of being bought out and resold at a high price still exists. It will also be impacted by other ticketing public account platforms with a large number of fans. Such as the current fashion to directly book group travel tickets through public accounts. Finally, build a tourism industry cluster to extend the survival link of the scenic spot. In order to prevent the scenic spot from. eing “slapped to death” on the beach by the waves from the single ticket economy, the scenic spot should consider the survival problem from the industrial chain, explore the individual differentiation model offline, and develop from the ticket economy to the industrial economy.





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