Seo in One Image Here Is a Second One, More Complete

We published a first a few months ago. Here is a second one, more complete but in English. As often in this kind of exercise, the data offered is far from exhaustive and the subject is popularized. So don’t think you’ll become the next by reading it. She can, however, teach you some basics if the subject is not familiar to you. In other words, what are the main axes of operation of Google to rank the results pages? Long tail, site architecture, page optimization, linkbuilding or social media influence are on the program. Always interesting to have an overview of the main issues and actions in this area.

A Game in Your Browser’s

Animated URLs? The premise is fun! There had been, a few years ago, a small demonstration Sri-Lanka Phone Number of this kind, but less successful: the Sixt car rental agency had set up  the browser. This no longer exists, but the short video below will show you what it was all about. There, it is a real little game in question. You are the “O” and you must kill the “a” scrolling in your address bar. Use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to move, and the space bar to shoot, as soon as your “O” is on an “a”. Easy! But in the end, not so obvious as that… You have 30 seconds to get the best possible score.

This no longer exists, but

Sri-Lanka Phone Number List
Sri-Lanka Phone Number List

This game, developed by Corey, will probably keep you busy for a while… Even with a space as minimalist as a URL, it is possible to develop a mini game. Cool. Very widespread in Asia, live shopping allows brands to present their products directly to their potential customers. This new shopping experience is increasingly popular. Taobao, the largest online retailer in China, has generated 61 billion in revenue thanks to its channel! Western platforms have become aware of this underlying trend and are developing dedicated formats so that brands can address consumers and sell their products directly.

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