Seo Google More Effective Than Facebook of Course

As we know Of course, we do not know exactly to what extent the links relayed on the various social networks help to better position our site on Google, but we do know that sharing plays a role. Which strategy to adopt, and which social network to prefer to improve its referencing? A recent study conducted by the agency  could well break down some stubborn myths on this subject: no, Facebook is not the social media to be favored in terms of the number of shares… and it is not Twitter either. . The outsider Google + would indeed play a greater role in natural referencing than the other networks, and the “+1” would have a stronger impact than the “Like.

Total Strategy, Involving a Good Part of the Important

The result: a correlation score is assigned to each of the factors that can explain the good Bulgaria Phone Number positioning of the links studied. Google +1s scored 22 out of 100, while Facebook Likes scored 16 out of 100. That is 28% greater efficiency! The Google+ rating is also among the highest. Stickyeyes nevertheless reminds us that the reality is not as simple as that: Facebook like Google+ must be taken into account in a more global context, as part of a total strategy, involving a good part of the important factors for SEO. .

How Did Stickyeyes Come to This Conclusion

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How did Stickyeyes come to this conclusion? The study focused on the factors used by Google to measure. The weight of websites: more than 200 main factors, with changing influence. 7000 links were analyzed, all present in the first 20 search results on Google, in various fields. We then compared the number of +1 and “Like” received by each of these contents. First trend highlighted by Meltwater: audio posts. After having been very visual for a long time, social media news feeds are. Increasingly filled with audio formats: Twitter Spaces, Facebook audio rooms, Spotify Greenroom, Reddit Talk… The big question is whether this emergence of audio is an ephemeral phenomenon, or an enduring one. For brands, the difficulty will be adapting to. These new features, and finding the resources and voices to be present in these new spaces.

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