Second Argument Against This Blocking, the Undermining of Net

Second argument against this blocking, the undermining of net neutrality. But, you will tell me, it has been a long time since plugins exist to block advertisements. The difference is that they are based on user choice and are not active by default. Free does not respect the basic principle of net neutrality, namely to treat data indiscriminately, whatever their nature or origin. With this filtering which would be done at the DNS level, Free therefore chooses the nature of the files it wants to transmit (or not) to its subscribers. And that is the problem. tarting with The Verge.

The Government and the Webgets Involved

Fleur Pellerin was quick to react. After a rather negative reaction on Twitter against the India Phone Number List choice to carry out this blocking by default, she announced that she wanted to meet both the publishers and Free to break the impasse. It must be said that the case caused a stir, especially on Twitter and on specialized sites and blogs. Tens of thousands of reactions, divided between those who welcome the end of advertising (probably without understanding the stakes of this decision) and those who are indignant at this announcement. The debate is raging, to the point that a. Twitter hashtag adgate has emerged and has quickly become one of the most used keywords on the micro-blogging network. 

Counter-attacks and Restoration of Publicity

India Phone Number List
India Phone Number List

The counter-attack is on, at least in the declarations. Many webmasters threaten to cut off access to their site to Free subscribers. Others plan to display a warning message telling you how to reinstate ads or prompting visitors to switch ISPs to ones that are more responsible. Indeed, it is impossible for an Internet user to establish a whitelist allowing him to keep the advertisements on certain sites that he wishes to support. What if you want to restore advertising? It is possible, but for that you will have to carry out a manipulation in your.

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