Scroogled When Microsoft Attacks Google on Privacy

You have surely heard about it yesterday or today, Microsoft launched a frontal attack against Google and more particularly against its Gmail service. The name of Operation a play on words (full of finesse) which means by being nice “to be fooled by Google’ (sic)… A few details on this marketing operation of destabilization which is already making a lot of noise. While it may make you smile, Microsoft launched its campaign against Gmail to protest the use of the body of emails for targeted advertising. If you didn’t know, Gmail scans and “reads” your messages to then show you ads tailored to your profile. An excellent marketing cog which is nevertheless very intrusive. Microsoft rushed into this breach to attack its best enemy.

Microsoft on a Crusade Against Targeted Advertising

The slogan of this operation is also particularly well found: “  Do you think that Google respects USA Phone Number List your privacy. And to convince you that Google is trampling on your most personal and most intimate secrets on a daily basis. Microsoft has embarked on a real “trolling” operation, including the worst speeches of opposing leaders. So Eric Schmidt the search engine manager sees this not exactly complimentary quote on Scroogled’s homepage: ” If there’s something you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you should first not do it .

Promotion of Its Outlook Service

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The Redmond firm also invites you to testify with the launch.  We will also note the rather mixed success of the operation: 138 fans only on the. Facebook page, and  2,046 signatories of the petition… We’ve seen worse bad buzz. Behind this campaign of defense of the Net surfer hides an attack against. Google and especially a promotion (at a lower cost) of the service house: Outlook, the successor of Hotmail. So as not to be spied on by Google, what is the solution offered? Migrate to Outlook, which according to Microsoft is particularly respectful of your data.

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