Scenic Spots Are Job Function Email the Vicious Circle

However, the life of such officially authorized OTA Job Function Email Database platforms is actually not so easy. Due to too many industry giants, the platforms began to burn money on a large scale to seize the market. And did not return to profit channels until this year. According to the content of the internal letter from the. CEO of Tongcheng to employees recently posted on the Internet, after 43 months of losses. Tongcheng finally ushered in a large-scale profit of 100 billion transaction. Volume and 500 million service person-times. Similarl. According to this year’s In the first quarterly report, Ctrip’s net profit attributable to shareholders. 82 million yuan, and it achieved profitability for three consecutive quarters.

Ticket Job Function Email, and Businesses

However, even if it achieves profitability. The OTA Job Function Email Database platform that gathers giants cannot escape the bad luck of being criticized by netizens. Due to the loopholes in the platform itself, the industry chaos. It brings will not only bring adverse effects to itself, but also bring bad luck to the scenic spot. Little trouble. First of all, many travel ticketing platforms have bundled consumption. For example, when consumers buy air tickets, they do not notice unnecessary. Service items such as hotel coupons that are automatically checked. Consumers inadvertently spend more money than the ticket price. This passive choice service not only harms This will increase the consumer’s right of independent choice, cause unnecessary losses to consumers.

Beginning Job Function Email to Develop Ways

Job Function Email Database
Job Function Email Database

At the same time easily make Job Function Email Database the reputation of the ticketing platform decline. Second, many unofficially authorized ticketing parties take advantage of policy loopholes. Selling scenic spot tickets in disguised form on online marketing platforms such as Ctrip and Taobao, just like the above-mentioned public sale of Tsinghua University and Peking University tickets on the Internet, made the number of tourists in the scenic spot exceed the load and brought a lot of trouble to the management of the scenic spot. “Scalpers” are pervasive, and the chaos in the travel ticketing industry has a long history In addition to the officially authorized OTA platforms mentioned above and some unofficially authorized straggler ticketing parties, the pressure faced by the scenic self-operated tickets is also the pervasive ticket scalpers.

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