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What is a sworn translation and what is it for? What is a sworn translation and what is it for? The importance of sworn translations The importance of sworn translations Do you want to hire an SEO? Discover the 12 Advantages of SEO positioning Do you want to hire an SEO? Discover the 12 Advantages of SEO positioning 2) Choose a sworn translation agency specialize in your needs In order to guarantee that the sworn translation is of quality, it is necessary that this entity has sufficient specialization and experience in the subject matter of the content to be translate.

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Each sector has its specific terminology and; if the translator does not know this matter, he will end up making mistakes. For this reason, you should observe what you want that document for and what its specialty is: Technical translations: these are translations aim Ukraine Phone Number List at translating scientific-technical documents. The translator must know that field or discipline in order to properly translate the document. Commercial : these are documents that are translate to establish business relationships with other entities. Advertising : its purpose is to establish advertising in the different possible media (Internet, TV, magazines Financial.

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Sworn and legal : translation of a document that seeks to have legal validity; either because it is require for a trial or for any administrative procedure that requires to be official. The translator must have knowledge of the law. An agency specialize in your business or personal sector will be able to guarantee a better translation and; therefore, offer a better quality to the final result of that document . 3) The agency has project managers As a third piece of advice, it is advisable that the sworn translation agency has project managers to organize, prepare and translate content. This type of professional is in charge of coordiating the linguistic requests of each client; being the spokesperson and manager to serve the client and coordinate the different fields with the various colleagues. On certain occasions the translations have to be carrie out jointly by several professionals.

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