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Apparently – if we are forced to – we can still work remotely. The large-scale, forced experiment of the corona crisis has turned out much better than expected in many places. And that, when you look into it, is not surprising. The reasons why remote Malta WhatsApp Number List working is increasingly becoming the norm – quite apart from sustainability and savings on office costs are extensive.

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The corona crisis was the first major introduction to remote working. Initially, there was a concern: how do we continue business operations, how do we keep processes going? Everyone in the organization had to do everything they could to ensure that everything could go ahead as quickly as possible. This was a particularly interesting period.

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Many organizations have been able to set up systems and set up processes to continue their work in a shockingly short time. Perhaps not in an ideal way and it was difficult here and there, but we can draw a clear line for all organizations. It turned out that much more was possible than we initially thought. These are the reasons why remote working is becoming more and more the norm.

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