Remember, Only South Korea Cell Phone Number the Product Can Become

Remember, the “user position” in the Internet market is a group of clear faces, and only products can become the vanguard of the real user position. Not looking at users, or simply “circling fans” is the road to destruction under the “self-centere” mentality. When chatting with a real estate tycoon, he inadvertently said such South Korea Cell Phone Number a sentence – “There are only two mainstream industries in China, one is real estate and the other is the Internet. The former is for turf and the latter is for people . ” The Internet is “real estate” for playing “user position” Regardless of whether his positioning of the mainstream industry is accurate, I think his comparison of the two industries is in place. With the help of real estate, an industry that everyone is familiar with.

Remember, the South Korea Cell Phone Number “User .

The advantages of traditional business are built on the entire industry chain, so that products or services can be brought to the market at a lower cost in the real world, which is already very good. The advantages of Internet companies are firstly built on a group of users with clear portraits. At the beginning, there was South Korea Cell Phone Number almost no industry chain. Around this group of users, they worke hard to build a competitive wall with more accurate services, improve retention and promote internal activity. Therefore, you South Korea Cell Phone Number will find that chatting with traditional bigwigs is often about industry relationships, while chatting with Internet entrepreneurs is often about user groups. The above picture can more clearly express the difference between the two.

The Advantages South Korea Cell Phone Number of Traditional.

South Korea Cell Phone Number
South Korea Cell Phone Number

Traditional enterprises have to take advantage of their resources, and then continue to diversify the market at the front end. However, in China, most traditional companies eventually become real estate companies. It’s just that many South Korea Cell Phone Number bosses can’t see clearly without me, a real estate friend. And continue to practice the practice of providing different real estate for different users. This is also easy to understand. After all, it’s hard to get the land. Why don’t you make the ready-made money to learn the Internet South Korea Cell Phone Number and go to the sky? In fact, in the eyes of Internet people. This “sky” is not high – it is just the people living in the building on the ground. Smart real estate bosses actually have an interconnecte heart. Wanda’s entertainment business is a typical example. On top of this, various interconnecte technologies, including APP.

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