Reasons Why Remote

As early as 2005, Bill Gates introduced the term ‘the new way of working in a Microsoft white paper and the theme has been receiving worldwide attention ever since. Remote working is therefore a development that was already increasing Lithuania WhatsApp Number List strongly before the corona crisis. Also, read 3 things you can do better when you work from home.

We are more productive Why Remote

One of the main reasons for organizations to stop working remotely was fear. Employees wouldn’t be productive if they weren’t in the office. Incorrectly, as many studies show. This shows that employees are generally more productive at home. Research by Development Economics, for example, shows that productivity increases by 13 to 16 percent.

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Why Remote Of course

This does not apply to everyone, but the freedom to determine how and when to perform work ensures that the work is better aligned with the preferences of the employees. And that increases productivity. 3. The call for flexibility is increasing Work stress is occupational disease number one. More than a million employees run the risk of burnout and other work-related psychological complaints, according to TNO.

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