Quick Life and Quick Thailand Cell Phone Number Death

This era is not easy, we just need to be kind. “I heard that the sharing economy has become more popular. And there are share charging treasures in front of my house!” “That’s not it, there are share basketballs in front Thailand Cell Phone Number of my house!” “Then have you been broadcasting live recently? How’s your earnings?” “Live broadcast, shit, the brokerage company owes me the money I haven’t paid yet, I’m making Thailand Cell Phone Number a short video now!” “That’s right, I’m not doing VR anymore, I’m doing artificial intelligence!” This kind of conversation may be on your doorstep, in the corner of a Starbucks, but Thailand Cell Phone Number you’ve come to know it, and the tone has been familiar to you in the past three years. Throughout the first half of the year, fast-growing and fast-death, our commercial technology venture capital circle has alternate.

This Era Is Thailand Cell Phone Number Not Easy.

In the cold winter of capital in the past year, the bubble burst and the company went bankrupt. Most of the “cannon fodder” learne to be calm and smart, and would not follow a fever. But they were also getting lost. Looking Thailand Cell Phone Number back on the past six months, what are the obvious trends? 1. The double-innovation fever may return Do you still remember when Zhongguancun Chuangye Street use to be Thailand Cell Phone Number crowde, and do you still remember the deserte capital in the cold winter? But now, the entrepreneurial boom may be back. In the first two years, people’s main point of Thailand Cell Phone Number ridicule about entrepreneurship is that it is better to buy a house after starting a business for five years. Today, with the clear freezing of the first- and second-tier housing markets, entrepreneurship may become the only means of counterattack by the class.

In the Cold Thailand Cell Phone Number Winter.

Thailand Cell Phone Number
Thailand Cell Phone Number

And when a lot of funds were about to be release and could be release, the difficulty of financing was greatly reduce. Personal guess, this may also be because: in the past two years, a large number of faile entrepreneurs have Thailand Cell Phone Number  transforme into investors, a large number of confuse investors have begun to transform into FA, and a large number of funds that cannot enter the property market and the stock Thailand Cell Phone Number  market have begun to enter the venture capital circle. In short, it’s not that there are more good projects, but more stupid people and more money. Therefore, any place where Thailand Cell Phone Number  there is a slight “wind vent” may be promote. But the craze is only “likely” to return, with more uncertainty starting to emerge as the dollar hikes rates across the board. So if it’s not hot, don’t blame me for talking and farting.

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