Push My Career the Operation That Supports Young Graduates

For the second consecutive year, is organizing the Push My Career operation. Via a dedicate Facebook application, the company offers to support candidates, from writing the CV to the interview, through the management of the e-reputation. Young graduates are the main targets, some of them will sign their promise of permanent employment during recruitment days. If you would like more information on the professional integration of young graduates, do not hesitate to follow our . Today Social Media Strategy Manager at Societe  generale, tells us more about the Push My Career operation, and the possibilities offere to candidates.

Societe Generale Has Set Up a Facebook Page

Our Facebook page is above all an application, a site create within Facebook. We find Czech Republic Phone Number advice from experts who work in the employment sector. The site was built like a living organism: it offers information as it goes along with a classic recruitment process. Whatever the purpose of the Internet user, whether or not he applies to Societe Generale, he will find advice for each stage of the process. In addition to expert video advice, there is help with writing a CV and cover letter. After each live coaching session, a restitution will be available: a video replay and a written summary of the interventions will be made available.

This Allows Internet Users to Find the Information

Czech Republic Phone Number List
Czech Republic Phone Number List

Live coaching sessions will also be organize to prepare them for the interview in. The form of a videoconference: several coaches will intervene on Tuesdays April 3, 10 and 17 at 8 p.m. Internet users will also be able, completely anonymously, to ask questions of the coaches present. The fact that the questions are anonymous allows candidates to really ask all the questions they want. This is a special time and place. As well as the coaches will receive the questions and will be able to answer them as they arise. The application, and the answers will be provides from April 3 during live sessions.

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