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Especially in (online) marketing and communication. January 2021: Trump supporters storm the Capitol. They won’t be stopped by fences or armed guards. But inside they neatly follow the route marked with poles. A perfect demonstration of the India WhatsApp Number List blowfly effect. That behavior steers without penalty or reward, knowledge or attitude.

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Online marketer or brand strategist, policymaker or fundraiser, we all have one goal: to change behavior. In doing so, we often fall into the mental trap of proportionality bias. A big challenge requires a big solution, we think. Yet it often works exactly the other way around. When the small standard checkmark at ‘maximum borrowing’ was removed, this had major consequences.

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And when Schiphol painted that famous mini-fly in the urinals, the cleaning costs dropped enormously. Behavioral scientist Dr. Eva van den Broek and I called our book on such phenomena ‘ The bluebottle effect’ (affiliate). You can distinguish 7 types. This is why blowfly effects work people don’t know themselves nearly as well as they think.

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