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First, two semifinals will be broadcast. Those who get enough points will advance to the final. This year, Belgium is in the first semifinal, together with Lithuania and Sweden, for example. In the second final, other countries will perform, such as Qatar WhatsApp Number List Greece and Austria. The Belgians then naturally look en masse to that first semi-final.

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In that first semi-final, we see half of the participants competing for a place in the final. So if Belgium goes through to the final, we have already seen some of the other finalists (Lithuania and Sweden). We haven’t seen a single act from the second semi-final yet. The Netherlands has not yet been in action and is therefore 1-0 behind in terms of fame.

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IKEA and its soft-serve strategy: what can you learn from this? The Mere Exposure Effect tells us that we prefer what we know. In this case, for example, the Belgians prefer the songs of Lithuania and Sweden. Simply because they’ve heard it before. Psychology also creates discussion There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about voting during the Eurovision Song Contest, because psychology unconsciously plays a major role.

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