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Therefore speak a different language. Case ‘telecom company’ One more note about CAC. As I mentioned in my discussion of churn, it is essential that metrics are considered in the right context. A short case to illustrate this. Example of how you can put different USA WhatsApp Number List metrics side by side. A telecom company evaluates three different channels: a specialist telecom shop, a retail chain.

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The sales department of the telecom company is initially extremely satisfied with the retail chain with which an agreement has been entered into. This channel brings in no fewer than 200,000 customers on an annual basis. The CAC (customer acquisition cost) of the retail chain also looks good and is well below the level of that of the telecom shop.

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However, the finance department points out a number of other metrics: churn and ARPU (average revenue per user). This shows that the retail channel does generate volume, but much less value. After all, customers walk away quickly (32% churn) and the ARPU is relatively low. Based on this analysis, the telecom organization decides to focus more heavily on the telecom shop channel and its own webshop.

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