Profiles And Entities That Carry Out Commercial Reports

This European Union Regulation only indicates a series of general guidelines (article 37) of this figure. According to this European standard, only Public Administrations and a small number of companies would need to appoint a DPO: Those comanies that are dedicate to the systematic observation of people by physical means (video surveillance). IT companies (digital platforms or marketing companies are include when monitoring user behavior). Hospitals. If they process data on the location of minors . And other entities that process sensitive data “on a large scale.

On Natural Persons Private Security

However, the Spanish Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) provides certain information on which entities contain this “large-scale” legal concept; although this legal concept still harbors certain doubts in many cases. Thanks to the LOPD, the concept of “large-scale” sensitive data affects a greater number of companies than what the RGPD indicates; including many SMEs and the self-employe according to the economic activity they carry out in South Korea Phone Number List their businesses. The volume of turnover and the size of the company are not factors to be determin so that it is mandatory to appoint a data protection officer for that business . List of companies that in Spain must appoint a data protection delegate Educational centers (children’s schools, colleges, universities. professional colleges.

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Companies Sports Federations

Health centers of any size and specialty (except individual consultations). Telecommunications companies, information companies, energy, electricity and gas companies. Banking entities, responsible for delinquent files, credit entities, insurance companies and investment services companies. Including whoever manages investment companies, pension funds, venture capital companies, mutual guarantee companies. Likewise, payment institutions, electronic money, currency exchange, money order or transfer postal services. Intermediaries in the granting of loans or credits. Real estate developers, APIs and real estate agencies. Notaries and registrars. Account auditors, external accountants and tax advisors, lawyers, solicitors or other legal professionals. Art galleries and antique dealers, jewelers, deposit, custody or transportation of funds or means of payment.

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