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Thinking that social networks are not so powerful Is it necessary to recall the viral nature of certain posts ? It is a fact now known social networks make and break the world. You cannot ignore their impact. Take the bull by the horns and create your Facebook or Twitter page . You will then regain some semblance of control by offering an official space for exchange on your brand. It will be easier for you to follow the comments and play the role of moderator than on a consumer forum. Do without the services of a good community manager Your community manager is the conductor of your e-reputation.

It manages your communication

On social networks, and more widely on the web It distributes content designed to serve you and not to harm you He hunts down unpleasant comments and takes care of answering them in order to restore your image. If it is true that calling on a community manager has a cost , the game is nevertheless worth the candle. . Neglecting Eves You must be vigilant Estonia Mobile Number List at all times. Leaving negative feedback can cost you dearly. To help you keep a watch, create alerts. Two tools can be useful in this regard Google Alerts Enter the name of your company, your brand, your product, the leaders, even your competitors. An email will be sent to you as soon as the keyword appears in a content Social Mention In addition to the emails, the tool will give you a sentiment index.

Estonia Mobile Number List

It will assess depending on the terms used

And the semantic field, whether the opinion is negative, positive or neutral. The only limit is what a robot cannot translate irony and sarcasm. Not Responding to Customer Comments and Reviews Whether the reviews are positive or negative, you need to DP Leads show that you’re there . A disappointing comment will be an opportunity to prove to the consumer that you are listening and ready to take comments into account to improve your product. Show that you are available and close to your customers. Be sure to remain transparent, polite, sincere and cordial. Make sure to always offer a solution to the dissatisfied customer.

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