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Warehousing, sorting, logistics, etc. For example, in the sales link, what is the current number of customers for a single sales service and . Also, the Singapore Phone Number number of new recruits? How much room for improvement is there in the current sales . Also, conversion rate and regional coverage? The average service time, the number of visits and. Also, the geographical distance of customers will be optimized in the future. The space is the basic indicator for judging human effectiveness. 03. Replicable and non-replicable of B2B It is very painful to. Also, watch the B2B field to tell the truth. I often ridicule that I can write an article called “factories and markets where I squatted in those years”.

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I have been to warehouses late at night and delivery in the early morning, from hardware wholesale markets, fabric wholesale markets, and. Also, building materials wholesale markets in various cities to factories with nearly 1,000 people Singapore Phone Number in county towns, and small workshops with a few people at the entrance of alleys. Over 100 million. Also, traders have chatted a few times at the roadside mom-and-pop shop. But even Singapore Phone Number if you have done. Also, a lot of research in an industry and finally figured it out, you will still be confused when you come to a new industry. As investors, various data indicators can help us see a pattern, but there is still a lot of work to be done to see an industry.

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Singapore Phone Number List
Singapore Phone Number List

As an entrepreneur in the B2B field, it is even more. Also, important to know that although finding a steel mesh is a benchmark, it is not Singapore Phone Number simply a matter of replicating a search for  in other industries. But in the end, we need to summarize some. Also, commonalities among these non-replicables for replication, so as Singapore Phone Number to improve the efficiency of our thinking and practice, and at the same time, we can solve some problems that everyone cares about: 1) What kind of industry is easier to do B2B; 2) What model is more likely to be successful in different industries; 3) What kind of team is more suitable for it First of all, from the perspective of the industry, one is to look for a large enough industry, which does not simply refer to the transaction volume.

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