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What does this concept mean? Well, all the ads that are advertise on your website, you will only get income for those that users click on it. Is CPC negative? Not at the beginning. In fact. If your website is super specialize and you configure Adsense for that specific niche and target audience, you will get amazing results. The problem is that if your website does not have much traffic and; also do not optimize the ad box to get better income, we will receive very few results with this platform. On the other hand, with The Moneytizer you cannot configure the price police for offering advertising.

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You can only serve ads at CPM or Cost Per Thousand Impressions. This means that with a minimum amount of advertising that you offer, you will obtain at least an economic return. This policy is recommend for companies and individuals Estonia Phone Number List who barely know how to optimize their website or; for those who lack millions of visits to optimize the CPC. Keep in mind that both CPM and CPC have a bidding system by which companies that advertise pay to appear on your website. Rubén Alonso’s experiment Rubén Alonso, SEO of my web positioning, has carried out an experiment comparing The Monitizer with Adsense that you can see at this link.

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Thanks to his experiment, with The Monitizer he obtaine €15 for sponsorship for the same period; while with Adsense €13.71 if you combine CPC and CPM and €12.38 if only CPC was use. So is The Monitor better? Unfortunately in this life it must be said that nothing is absolute. For informative blogs like mine or Rubén Alonso’s, CMP advertising is better. However, for other websites, the CPC strategy may be better. For example in our case, we put ads in the sidebars and when you scroll to read our tips, there is already an impression of an ad. This can vary on sales sites, where many times people go more to the shot and; this method would probably give less result.

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