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On June 11, the “Xinhua Dictionary” app. Publishe by the Commercial Press and revise by the Language Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was officially launche. It is reporte that this app has two major features. One Poland Cell Phone Number is to provide two standard stroke orders. Dynamic and static, and support for Poland Cell Phone Number on-screen writing; the other is to broadcast and read more than 10,000 Chinese characters by professional broadcasting. And users can also click the read button. Test your own Poland Cell Phone Number Mandarin accuracy. As a “national dictionary” that almost everyone had in hand when he was a child, the “Xinhua Dictionary” has an unshakable position in the minds of the Chinese people. The launch of the App has naturally attracte the attention of many netizens. But what is surprising is that the focus of netizens is not that the “National Dictionary” has finally kept up with the times, but the charging price of the App.

On June Poland Cell Phone Number 11, the.

Netizens express that it is difficult to accept the minimum fee. 40 yuan for the “Xinhua Dictionary” app. Knowledge payment is stage. Why is the “Xinhua Dictionary” App fee questione? With the advent of the era of knowledge Poland Cell Phone Number payment. More and more people are willing to pay for knowledge. Aside from paying for knowledge, there are not a few people who pay for game entertainment. And Poland Cell Phone Number even pay much more in this regard than paying for knowledge, but why don’t netizens buy the account of the “Xinhua Dictionary” App? The reasons for this are nothing more than the Poland Cell Phone Number following:First, there are more convenient and free alternatives. Such as Baidu. Many netizens think that if you encounter a word you don’t know. You can know it by searching on Baidu. Even if the content on Baidu is not 100% correct, it can basically meet the needs of netizens.

Netizens Poland Cell Phone Number Express That.

Poland Cell Phone Number
Poland Cell Phone Number

Both of them have free word query functions. If you are use to using the free ones, the “Xinhua Dictionary” will be charge as soon as it comes up, which will inevitably make people difficult to accept. Third. Feelings are “too Poland Cell Phone Number expensive” to buy. Although the “Xinhua Dictionary” App did not focus on feelings at the beginning of its launch, due to its natural sense of age, it is difficult for people not to associate Poland Cell Phone Number it with feelings. The monetization ability of Feelings is indee very strong, but it is base on the symmetry of product function and valuation. If this logic is violate. It will be difficult Poland Cell Phone Number to gain a firm foothold in the market. There is nothing wrong with the feeling of “improving user experience and value as the ideal” in commercial marketing, but if this feeling lacks sufficient technical support and lacks respect for user habits and user experience, it will easily become empty. and nothingness. Fourth, the frequency of use is not high, and additional functions are rarely use.

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