Paying for Content Armenia Cell Phone Number Vs. Paying for Time

There have been too many discussions on the content payment model. So let’s focus on the time payment for the time being. Rubinstein said that a city is judge by how many bookstores it has. This sentence almost makes us  Armenia Cell Phone Number face the embarrassment of not knowing where to start when evaluating a city. While traditional bookstores are still a city’s spiritual symbol. Their survival in the digital age is getting harder. As the user’s time is cut into pieces or even dust, paper books are abandone by most people. And mobile reading is Armenia Cell Phone Number showing the symptoms of “circle of friends” step by step, shallow-level and entertainment have become the labels of current knowledge acquisition . It is against this background that knowledge brokers Armenia Cell Phone Number came on stage.

There Have Armenia Cell Phone Number Been Too Many.

This year, a TingTing, Douban Time, etc. also appeare, and they all hope to take the express train of cashing in content payment. In fact, content acquisition in the mainstream form of audio is more like “listening to books”. And listening to “second-hand books”, that is, spending money on knowledge transfer services provide by Armenia Cell Phone Number brokers like Luo Zhenyu. In fact, content payment is reflecte earlier when we spend money to buy books. And then buy e-books on mobile reading applications. The development history of mobile reading is much longer than that of “get people”, and Palm Reading IReader. QQ Reading, Shuqi Armenia Cell Phone Number Novel. Migu Reading, NetEase Cloud Reading, etc. are the representatives. Compare with second-hand information in knowledge payment, reading books can help everyone Armenia Cell Phone Number build their own knowledge system.

This Year, a Armenia Cell Phone Number Tingting.

Armenia Cell Phone Number
Armenia Cell Phone Number

The Chinese version of this service was launche last year. With the successful experience of red diamond and yellow diamond, QQ Reading has also launche a monthly library. In March of this year, NetEase release NetEase Snail Reading. Which seize the entry point of “reading for one hour for free every day” and change “purchasing Armenia Cell Phone Number content” to “time to buy books”. KindleUnlimite, QQ Reading’s monthly subscription library. And NetEase Snail Reading are still book-selling services, but different from the aforementione content payment. These three mainly focus on the mode of periodic purchase of services. In contrast, NetEase Armenia Cell Phone Number Snail Books pioneere the minimum-scale time payment model. And “one hour of free reading a day” is more subdivide than monthly subscriptions. The following mainly Armenia Cell Phone Number uses it as the research object to discuss the pain points that time payment solves. As well as its advantages and disadvantages compare with content payment.


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