Pay for Your Drink With a Tweet Which Is Much Talked

Payment by Smartphone is an innovation which is much talked about at the moment and which should become widespread in the next few years. We also introduced you  which offers to deliver a document for download in exchange for a tweet. South African iced tea brand BOS has brought the two trends together in a whole new kind of can dispenser to promote its latest product. The machine called BEV will not accept your change but will simply ask you to send a tweet to the twitter account containing the hashtag #BOSTWEET4T (BOS tweet for tea). If you are in front of the machine and if this is your first request, it will offer you a drink.

Differences Between Google Penguin

For a year, a wind of panic has been blowing over SEOs. Well, at least on some of them… A year ago, Google Panda surprised a good number of webmasters Cayman Islands Phone Number who were running content farms, these low-quality sites intended to be referenced on anything and everything. Many updates later, some are still biting their fingers to have bet on little transparent tricks. A few weeks ago, another funny animal appeared. This time it’s Google Penguin. This filter also aims to improve the quality of search engine results, but this time attacks unscrupulous SEOs. Poor quality links and too slow SEO strategies are thus rejecte.

If You Are Not an Seo Specialist

Cayman Islands Phone Number List
Cayman Islands Phone Number List

If you are not an SEO specialist, it is not necessarily easy to navigate between the two. Without going into too much detail, this infographic gives you the basics to know about Google Penguin and Google Panda. Not enough to revolutionize your strategy (although given what some are doing…), but still good for general knowledge. The various platforms offer more tools and features to reward creators and help them find collaborations with brands: Tip Jar and Super Follows on Twittercreator marketplace, shopper pins on Pinterest, funds for Snapchat or TikTok creators…

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