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He will help you deal with many problems and will listen to you. However, you both know that in legal matters you should listen to your lawyer who controls the legal system well and; will advise you to make the best decisions by being the defender of your rights. Legal issues to consider before a divorce Now that we have given the main actions that we must do and not do, we will expose a series of legal issues to take into account before a divorce. A) Find a legal specialist If you are facing a potential divorce dispute, you are going to have to discuss many issues with your partner.

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For this reason, it is recommende that you immediately contact a lawyer for legal advice on each of the issues that you are going to deal with in the divorce : alimony, visitation, marriage settlement. Logically it is advisable that the selecte lawyer Belgium Phone Number List is a specialist in family law to obtain the best possible result and; It is also recommende that you select a lawyer locate in your area (Madrid, Seville, etc.). B) Liquidate the matrimonial economic regime A divorce process implies the liquidation of the matrimonial economic regime that will be more complex in the economic regime of community property than if it is in separation of property. In fact, in the bin separation regime, it is not normally necessary to carry out.

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When the divorce is by mutual agreement, we can make a regulatory agreement to liquidate the matrimonial economic regime. In the event that it is not by mutual agreement, the liquidation proposal will be through the judicial process. C) Understand that there are equal rights for minors. It must be borne in mind that all minors have the same rights. Regardless of whether their parents have agree to the child within or outside of marriage.  Because the situation of validation of the first of them is automatic when both spouses get marrie. The same is also true for biological children and adopte children . These have the same rights as the first. As in any separation of couples (whether marrid or de facto), the couples must agree on measures relatd to minors. If the divorce is by mutual agreement, they may do so through the regulatory agreement. While in matters of conflict, these agreements are grante in the sentence.

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