Only Small Problem Internet Users Always Prefer

Another notable development the consumer today is much more curious and suspicious than before . A real private detective, he investigates for several weeks sometimes before buying, looking for the item bearing the famous stars. What are its sources? Forum comments, reviews on marketplaces, blog articles. and lastly the brand’s website itself. In fact, nearly three-quarters of Internet users prefer to click on any link rather than on the brand’s website. The consumer is suspicious of companies . Being in search of reassurance, he will then give more credit to the experience of an honest Internet user who has used the product.

Than to the good qualities touted

On the official site of a company he thinks is manipulative.  to complain rather than share their complete satisfaction . If your product has disappointed them, they will soon express their dissatisfaction on a forum or post a review. The web-consumer has Egypt Phone Number List the feeling of having been cheated and wants to let the whole world know about it On the contrary, a delighted customer will only rarely share his feelings. He will enjoy his product and move on. To make matters worse, negative comments may be better referenced than your own website and will then appear first in the search engine results pages The e-reputation is therefore not the true reflection of reality. It is nevertheless the visible reality. tips to avoid ruining your e-reputation.

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If your e-reputation is in good shape

Your sales will soar Here are some tips to help you stay in control and especially to avoid making irreparable mistakes. Neglect paid search If Internet users prefer to click on links without ads, boosting your visibility by turning to an agency DP Leads specializing in the management of advertising campaigns can nevertheless be useful to you. A certain percentage of Internet users still like to consult the brand’s website directly. If your website is ergonomic and its content relevant, these satisfied visitors will then be able to talk about you elsewhere Once they are on your online store, reassure prospects by showing them that your products appeal to them. Thanks to the Customer Reviews module of PrestaShop Addons , you can indeed display all the reviews of your customers.

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