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With the development of technologies such as video and VR. Many pain points of the current marriage and dating platform are expecte to be solve. New technologies such as AI and VR will lead the upgrade of marriage and love in China Vietnam Mobile Number and lead the industry to a new round of development climax. 3 reasons  Vietnam Mobile Numberwhy the online dating market is booming When it comes to dating and dating. The marriage and love of unmarrie young people has always been a hot topic in society for a long time. In the past 520 Vietnam Mobile Number years. Flowers, chocolates. Dog abuse photos, etc. in the circle of friends have made a large number of unmarrie young people more and more flustere. There is no doubt that marriage and dating are just a necessity.

With the Vietnam Mobile Number Development.

Represente  Zhenai  etc. are playing an important role in the process of Chinese men and women getting off the single. character of. According to iResearch, the penetration rate of online dating in the overall dating market in 2016 reache 36.5%. With a total of 400 million registere users on major online dating platforms. More than Vietnam Mobile Number 600,000 daily active users on PC, and more than 90 on mobile. It is estimate that in 2018. The online marriage and love market will reach 3.91 billion yuan. It is not difficult to see that Vietnam Mobile Number online marriage and love is replacing the traditional blind date model and becoming Vietnam Mobile Number the mainstream way for single groups to solve marriage and love. The vigorous development of the online marriage and love market has to be attribute to the following aspects.

Represente Vietnam Mobile Number Zhenai  Etc.

Vietnam Mobile Number
Vietnam Mobile Number

And there will be 30 million bachelors in the future”, they all reflect the social background of my country’s imbalance in the ratio of men and women and population mobility. Under the demographic dividend. The sex ratio of the Vietnam Mobile Number birth population in my country has been unbalance for a long time. Which has increase the difficulty of marriage for single men and women who are ready for marriage. According Vietnam Mobile Number to the data release by the National Bureau of Statistics, at the end of 2015, the male-to-female Vietnam Mobile Number ratio of the birth population in my country was 113:51, the unmarrie male to female ratio of the “post-80s” was 136:100, and the “post-70s” unmarrie male to female ratio was 206:100.

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