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The Hague is a city where everything comes together. Different cultures, different ages, national and international, national and local politics. The Hague is a city full of contrasts, of the residents of The Hague and the residents of The Hague, the city of peat and sand. A city of peace and justice. A city of differences that we embrace. That makes The Hague our city. A city that is not easy and also has challenges. A city that opens up and shines when you are willing to look beyond.

What are you going to do

A new day in The Hague. Just a little longer, before the crowds in The Hague eruption in the center, on the Binnenhof and in working life. You start your day right in the center, in the heart of Spui. You’re looking forward to it! During the Weekstart, you can catch up Austria Phone Numbers on the work of your communication colleagues in half an hour. Tomorrow you will work from home. Look ahead in your agenda. You will soon have a meeting with your colleagues from the editorial team, after which you will start working on new content. Can quickly look at Werknet and check your MS Teams. This afternoon you will have lunch in one of the hippest coffee shops in The Hague. It’s going to be a beautiful day today.

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Your team our editors

The Central Editorial Office of the Communication and City Branding Directorate (dCC) is the gathering place for the large and small stories of the municipality of The Hague. Our editors create and maintain the content on various internal and external channels. The work of the editors consists of (co)creating, editing and advising. The Central Editorial Office of dCC works closely with the Online Department of the Public Affairs Department (DPZ), especially for the website In that collaboration you are one of our forward positions.

  • You write and (final) edit for (language level B1)
  • You advise on communication on
  • You are the contact person about content
  • You position the municipality of The Hague in a positive way.

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