Old Spice Returns With Muscle and Music the Example to Follow

The contest game was not mandatory insofar as we offer a richer experience than a simple form with a draw. Nevertheless, the contest is a way for us to achieve the objectives that. Have been set for us, namely the capture of Opt’in data. The qualification of a BDD but above all the sale of. Rayban with creation of traffic in store ( e-commerce returns to the store). The Optic 2000 Facebook page was already online and we pointe out to our client that this operation could “additionally” recruit fans, but that was not the objective behind the brief. We went to the Fan Page because of our target, which was best picke up on social media.

Which Was Best Picked Up on Social Media

For two years, Old Spice has been the example to follow in Internet marketing. Several Bahrain Phone Number dozen videos have thus highlighte the ideal man, handsome, strong, sure of himself. All while addressing women and comparing him to their husbands/boyfriends companions And yes, they could smell as good as he does! All for a deodorant ad, of course. Tens of millions of video views later, the Old Spice phenomenon continues with today’s release of the latest installment in the saga. The hero, Terry Crews, plays music there with his muscles, each instrument being connecte to a place in his body.

Instrument Being Connected to a Place

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Bahrain Phone Number List

It’s funny and well seen, but it’s the sequel that’s really original. You willable to interact with the video by playing with your keyboard. You can even record your sound and then download it later if you are satisfie with the result.According to Meltwater, sponsore posts increase by 26.7% in 2021! Brands are increasingly turning to influencers, and in particular micro-influencers, to broadcast their campaigns. Brands are no longer just looking for visibility, but to generate sales through these partnerships. The functionalities implemente by the platforms, such as the Paid partnership with. Tags, also allow advertisers to precisely monitor the performance of their campaigns, and therefore their ROI. Meltwater says the challenge for brands this year will to identify the right influencers, and succee in creating more inclusive and diverse influencer pools.

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