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We will get a page like this: Income from my different formats Income from my different formats We will have to press first on REACTIVATE TAG and; once they approve this format for our website, copy the code or script of that ad. Now we have to go to WordPress, and insert that code or script in the desire place. For example, if it’s an article, we’ll click on the HTML box and copy the code there. How to insert advertising in WordPress How to insert advertising in Word press.

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You see that there are a lot of blocks or advertising formats to choose from. Have to keep in mind that the so-call Classic Formats leave less CPM than the Impactful Formats; although the latter are also more aggressive for users. You already have Guatemala Phone Number List to choose if it is better to earn more money or for your users to feel less expose to advertising. FIFTH: Invoices and payments Finally, we have to explain the part of billing and payments, which is precisely why we register on a platform like this. To do this, we have to go to the Invoices and payments section. In this section of The Moneytizer you will find the information to collect your income.

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Here you can choose 2 different payment methods: PayPal: it is the fastest and easiest (you just have to enter your PayPal email), but it charges you commissions for the collections. Bank transfer: it is the one I have chosen and you have to fill in your account details. Remember that The Moneytizer is the one who makes the invoices for you and gives you the invoice once you have reache €50. Said invoice is exempt from VAT as it is billing between professionals/companies of the European Union and is registere in the Registry of Operators and; nor does it have personal income tax withholdings.

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